Pastebin & Testcase Collaboration Tool

More than a normal pastebin, our tool lets you preview your code as a web page, provides one-click validation for both markup and CSS (even when both are in the same test case) and more.


Questions, answers, links and more. This also serves as a general reference for everything relating to web standards and development.

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  1. Validate your work before asking for help.
  2. Provide a link to your problem.
  3. Use proper, semantic markup.
  4. Be polite and use etiquette.
  5. Keep the chat clean.
    1. No pasting in channel
    2. No special text
    3. No away gestures

Validate your work before asking for help. (Back to Top)

Please make sure you validate your (X)HTML and CSS before asking your question. The validator will catch many common errors, including incorrect syntax or element and property misspellings. Validating your page should be the first thing you do to troubleshoot any problem; it saves both you and us a lot of time.

If you haven't taken the time to validate your work it's very likely we will refuse to help you until you do. You can validate your code using the following free services provided by the W3C:

If you need help getting your code valid simply ask us about the issues that you don't understand. We will also help you understand any validation errors that you don't understand (some of the errors the validation services provide are cryptic at best). Of course we won't rewrite your code for you, but we're happy to help you write your own valid code and understand why valid code is important.

We can't work on the problem if we can't see it. A link to the actual, live project you're working on is best, but we know that's not always possible. Fortunately there are other alternatives available to you:

If you're linking directly to your project please make sure you're specific about your problem. This makes it much easier for us to quickly analyze and understand your problem without sifting through a lot of code.

Use proper, semantic markup. (Back to Top)

Using web standards to their fullest is more than valid code. Your markup should make logical sense. Your navigation, for example, is a list of links, and should usually be marked up with and unordered list (<ul><li>item 1</li><li>item 2</li> ... </ul>). Likewise, sections should have headers (<h1> through <h6>), paragraphs should be inside <p> tags, etc.

You can find out more about semantic markup from Free HTML Templates .

Be polite and use etiquette. (Back to Top)

Please understand that we provide help on our free time. We do this because we want to promote and encourage the use of web standards in the hopes of making the web (and the world) a better place.

Repeating your message too fast or being demanding only makes people annoyed and less likely to help you. If you suspect that your question might have been overlooked wait a few minutes before asking again. Also, please be polite and treat others the way you would expect to be treated by them.

Keep the chat clean. (Back to Top)

Don't paste code in the chat. (Back to Top)

Please don't paste a bunch of code in the channel. If it's only two or three lines take a moment to format the code as a single line and then paste that. For anything longer than that please use our pastebin.

Don't use special text in the chat, such as colors. (Back to Top)

Please use regular text when chatting with us. Using special characters or effects, such as colors, reverse text, etc. in the hopes that it might make your question stand out is both unnecessary and annoying. If you ask a question and someone is available to help, they will.

Don't use scripts or anything else that might clutter the chat. (Back to Top)

Notification scripts, away messages, and anything else that puts unnecessary clutter into the channel are annoying and unwelcome, especially in a channel as large as ours. Please turn them off.

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